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Streamline Your Reporting Workflow with Data that Copies Forward to New Reports


Structured reports can reduce the reporting burden immensely, but often times there are patients with chronic conditions that return for repeat exams, requiring successive reporting with nominal physiological changes. In such cases, there is a need to report on the patient condition as time goes on and compare this information to the previous exam report. Having to fill in a new report that repeats the technical and diagnosis of the previous patient’s procedure report can be very time consuming for the healthcare professional. Copy-forward solves this problem and at the same time allows for valuable clinical insights.

Using Copy-forward to create a new report in VidiStar

As its name suggests, Copy-forward, calls up the previous report data in the background and automatically-populates the technical assessment and diagnosis report fields on the new report while using the new procedure’s measurements and patient vital values. The healthcare professional is then free to modify any relevant changes to the new report while leaving statements that should remain. This enables for fast and easy reports on patients with minimal change, as well as allows the physician to simultaneously review previous findings and check for errors.

Categories and values that are copied forward are set to be highlighted, making it easy to see which values have been copied from the previous report and newly entered values are surrounded with a red box to make new changes evident. This brings high visibility to missing values and errors as well as allows for quick review of patient condition as of the last report.

Highlighted fields that have been copied forward to new report with red outlined new changes in VidiStar
Measurement trends
Measurement trending graph of mined historical data using Fujifilm’s patented technology
Simply click the graph to enable trending in your report on VidiStar
Simply click the graph to enable trending in your report on VidiStar

Copy-forward is not only able to copy data from the previous report, but also able to mine data from historical reports for a patient. By utilizing these capabilities, measurement and report data trending as well as inter-report comparison are made possible. Data trending allows the healthcare professional to create graphs on how the data for an individual patients has changed over time, allowing for easily understandable snapshots of patient condition as well as effectiveness of care. Report comparison allows for healthcare professionals to select an older report as a baseline and immediately see the degree of historical change in graphical or data format.

VidiStar allows for the comparison between new and older reports through custom baseline selections

Structured reporting with copy-forward functionality can help save valuable time by eliminating the need to re-enter data from previous reports, while at the same time allowing for the review of historical patient data. Reimbursement in the value-based age hinges on proving clinical quality with organized consistent reports. Through the combination of standardized easy-to-read structured reports and copy-forward functionality, healthcare organizations can create standardized reports with accurate historical trending; putting them in a position to maximize reimbursement.

Written by Michael Rachmilowitz, Informatics Product Manager, Fujifilm Healthcare Americas