Cardiac Imaging Solution

Premium 2D/3D Cardiac Ultrasound + Cardiovascular Information/Analytics Solution

Lisendo 880

Premium 2D/3D Cardiac Ultrasound

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VidiStar Reporting

Cloud-based, Cardiovascular Information/Analytics System

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Quality Healthcare made SIMPLE

Fujifilm Healthcare has expanded and enhanced our Premium Lisendo 880 Cardiac Ultrasound system to include a cardiovascular information system option that enables healthcare professionals to create value-based reports leveraging a cloud-based image management and analytics platform for improved communication across the healthcare organization. Healthcare made SIMPLE.

  • S
    Scalable, affordable premium ultrasound + reporting solution
  • I
    Integrated turn-key solution
  • M
    Mobile image viewing capabilities
  • P
    Premium image quality + pre-mapped/automated measurements reduce human error, helping optimize diagnoses/outcomes
  • L
    Lower costs, faster time to revenue
  • E
    Efficient, stream-lined workflow processes

Case Studies

Learn how Cardiology Care for Children (CCC) saved or improved countless young lives by pairing Fujifilm’s Lisendo 880 with VidiStar

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