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Driven by rapidly advancing imaging technology and the constant evolution of healthcare, ultrasound is asked to provide more than ever before. The ARIETTA 850 combines state-of-the-art features, unique probe designs, and a user-friendly interface into the definitive ultrasound solution for radiologists in any clinical setting.

ARIETTA 850 systems provide:

  • Extraordinary high-resolution digital imaging with advanced imaging options like Real-time Tissue Elastography and Real-time Virtual Sonography
  • A broad selection of general-purpose and specialty probes
  • Comprehensive ergonomics for scanning comfort
  • Intuitive and efficient operation to meet increasing workloads


ARIETTA 850 produces images of exceptional clarity by carefully shaping its sonographic pulses and then precisely managing the resulting echo data throughout the entire signal-processing chain: from probe to final image display. This process, Pure Symphonic Imaging, ensures that only the purest data is used to fuel the advanced imaging capabilities of the 850.

4G CMUT Probe

While ultrasound technology has evolved drastically over the last half- century, probe technology has seen little change as researchers sought transducers that could improve on the performance of piezoelectric material. ARIETTA 850 makes this technological leap, supporting the world’s first fully-featured Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducer. The SML44 probe contains thousands of high-sensitivity, wide-bandwidth CMUT cells that are printed onto a silicon substrate using techniques first developed in the semi-conductor industry. The resulting operating bandwidth of 2-22MHz, enables the probe to perform the work of multiple conventional probes.


eFocusing employs the 850’s advanced variable beamformer to perform real-time focusing along the entire depth of the image. The technique obviates the need to set or adjust focal zones, automatically providing optimal focusing from near to far-field.

Active Backend

Powerful computing and image-processing hardware manages the acquired ultrasound signal, performing countless data-enhancement algorithms like Acoustic Noise Reduction and Near field Noise Reduction, while maintaining high frame rates.

23” LCD Display

The 850’s 23” display delivers WXGA++ resolution with tilt and swivel capabilities for easy viewing. The height adjustment and swivel functions together with the operation panel.

ARIETTA 850 Workflow

The 850’s 22-inch display uses an Organic LED monitor to deliver exceptional image fidelity. Because the monitor technology does not require backlighting, true-black can be more accurately represented, resulting in greater image contrast.

Healthcare providers continue to expect more efficiency from their Sonographers; and ARIETTA 850 is designed to help facilitate these advances in workflow while offering an ergonomic work environment to safeguard users from the fatigue and long-term injury that can result from repetitive scanning.

Arietta 850 ergonomics

From its flexible monitor arm that adds smooth back and forth movement, independent of positioning, to the unique programmable 5-switch control center on the console, which streamlines advanced functions, measurements, and analysis, the 850 is engineered to deliver a fast and safe scanning experience.

Protocol Assistant

Protocol Assistant can bring standardized scanning protocols to any department in a way that is efficient and reproducible. The system learns how each user wants to perform individual studies and anticipates the Sonographer’s next step, providing the correct annotation, system parameters, and measurement tools automatically as each new image is acquired.

Automated Measurements

The 850 automates complex, repetitive measurement routines to simplify time-intensive processes like optimal frame selection for Elastography interpretation, placement of Strain Ratio regions of interest, and Estimated Fetal Weight measurements.

Adjustable Panel Height

The panel height can be lowered to 70 cm, allowing the operator to perform lower extremity examinations with the control panel comfortably within reach.

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