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Choose Wisely: All Image & Reporting Platforms Are Not Created Equal


Written by Fujifilm Healthcare Americas | December 2020


As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based care and reimbursements are closely tied to outcomes, information-based decision making has become mission-critical for hospitals of all sizes. Providers across the country are turning to cloud-based technology to improve image management and reporting across modalities and facilities.

Healthcare organizations that implement the right solution for their enterprise will experience ROI on multiple levels, including:

  • Enhanced imaging workflow and clinical efficacies.
  • Fewer redundancies in testing.
  • Improved patient – and financial – outcomes.

Many image management systems are on the market today. But due diligence will quickly reveal that not all solutions – or vendors – are created equal.

For example, few vendors have the combination of extensive information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) expertise of Fujifilm. That experience was leveraged to bring VidiStar to market. Fujifilm’s VidiStar has earned a reputation as a stand out among similar systems – and it sets the pace for specialized cardiovascular reporting.

The VidiStar platform provides viewing and reporting for Echo, Nuclear, Vascular, ECG and other modalities in the same application, and is scalable to fit any organization.

But let’s be transparent: When it comes to image management and reporting systems, every hospital has different needs. So how do you choose a solution that’s right for your facility? Consider important differentiators like the following.


VendorStrong vendor-provider collaboration

There’s no better way to demonstrate the value of a solution than to interact with – and learn from – the healthcare professionals who use it every day. Does the vendor you’re considering understand that the biggest breakthroughs happen in research labs and on the frontlines – not in the corporate office?

Fujifilm continually collaborates with the medical professionals on the frontlines to provide and enhance the systems they use every day:

  • 88% of physicians surveyed rate VidiStar software a “4” or “5” (out of 6).
  • 85% of sonographers surveyed rated VidiStar a “9” or “10” (10 = very important) to their diagnostic imaging program.


Features that fit your current and future needs

For example, VidiStar offers these and other important features:

  • Highly customizable infrastructure for multi-modality viewing, reporting and analytics in the same application while interfacing with your existing IT systems for one seamless solution.
  • Streamlined workflow and standardized reporting to help save time, eliminate redundancies and minimize possibility for error.
  • Choice of:
    • Private cloud services hosted by Fujifilm.
    • On-site hosting at the customer facility.

Service excellence – confirmed by current customers

A patient-centric, customer-first philosophy should be a non-negotiable in the decision-making process. When it comes to service, don’t just take a vendor’s word for it. Talk with customers to get their after-the-sale perspectives about a system and vendor.


Prior to VidiStar, we had to do these extensive reports, and it would take upwards of two to three minutes, on average. For a normal study in VidiStar, we can actually have a signed report within 20 to 30 seconds ... I may just be a small fish in a big ocean, but I’m a big supporter of VidiStar and everything they do.”

-- David Braden, MD, Pediatric Cardiologist


To learn more download our whitepaper on driving cardiology outcomes with the right IT strategy.